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In memory of Dalai

Approximately 4.5 min to read…or scroll to the end for the summary) I remember enjoying my shopping day with my four year-old fashionista. Her looking up at me with her giant blue eyes with matching blue streak in her crazy curly blonde hair and saying, “Mom, those jeans are not my style. I only wear skinny jeans, re-mem-beeeerrrrr?” I received a call from my husband who was shopping in the same mall with my son and he said, “I need to talk to you face to face.” I looked around me with a cheeky smile, “Why? Are you right next to us or something?” My pace hurried when I realized it was not a joke as he firmly asked me to leave the store and meet him. By the time I got to him I said, “Don’t tell me it’s the dogs.” “Dalai is dead,” he confirmed. Dalai – our Australian Shepherd puppy. Yes, she was named after the Dalai Lama. After her sweet, peaceful, wise and cuddly demeanor when

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Lessons from the Ocean

I LOVED the simplicity of my life there the last week: shower outside with the bugs and iguanas, put on a bikini and flip flops, no makeup – just SPF45. Buy coconut water from a lady for 500 Colones ($1). She slices the top by machete and I drink the fresh nectar straight from the belly of the coconut (nature’s electrolytes for my surf session). Say, “Buenos Dias” to my 21-year-old Tico surf instructor, Steven, and begin to wax my board. Walk out to the beach with my surf bestie, Maddy and our instructor.

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