Moon Retreats & Ritual

Moon Retreats

In Inka, Hopi, Tibetan, Mayan and other indigenous societies throughout the world, the elders carry on the tradition of gathering around a fire when the moon is full or new and dreaming of a world they want their children’s children to inherit.

Full Moon….completion of a cycle

  • What do you need to release?
  • What outdated patterns aren’t serving you anymore?
  • Where do we need to let go?

New Moon…New Beginnings

  • Create, create, create!
  • What are your intentions, visions, desires?
  • What new way of being would you like to draw in?

Moon phases are a very auspicious time to make your vision come to life. My moon circles are a good mix of sacredness and playfulness. It’s a time to reflect, journal, share. A time to connect with your community in a very supported way. It’s a time to hold space for one another. A time to get out of our minds and into our bodies through dance, yoga, meditation. Live music guests drop in occasionally to help us dive deep to our own unique vibration. We take our prayers, gratitude, intentions and releases to the fire to allow the universe to transform them into creation.

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Moon Retreats in Grand County COGrab a friend or twelve and book your very own customized ritual. Have something to celebrate? A wedding, love, friendship, birthday, new addition, good health, happiness? Creating a ritual around celebrations solidifies it to the Universe. It tells Spirit, you are ready to shine fully in this lifetime. That you are grateful for the beautiful abundance and ready to manifest & create more beauty.

Or maybe you have something you are ready to release, someone to forgive, honor a death, divorce, transition. Let it go to the fire where it can be transformed into creation.

I am here to create space for you wherever you are on this glorious journey.

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