Spiritual Lifestyle Coaching


8-Week Program

Body (Vibrant Health)

  • Learn to listen to your body through a higher body awareness in breathwork, meditation, yoga, essential oils and movement.
  • Explore nutrition based on your Ayurvedic body type.
  • Take a look at our Extended Body – our environment, our home, our workplace. Clear your physical space. Create your own sanctuary.

Mind (Intellect, Career, Abundance)

  • Law of Attraction, Vision Boarding: Live by Design, not Default.
  • Learn what is valuable and important to you- what do you really want?
  • Discover areas where you are already abundant & wealthy.

Heart (Relationships, Family, Love)

  • Find out how you want to feel. Become aware of the different emotions.
  • Discover and dissolve your patterns and toxic limiting beliefs that keep you from growing and loving fully.
  • Learn intimacy (Into Me You See). Where are the areas you may be hiding your wild, wise, authentic self?
  • Become aware of the masks you wear and the roles you play on the stage of life.
  • Learn about the Chakras and how your emotional, energetic body is connected to the physical body.
  • Embrace the unknown, fearful places and feelings you try to resist. The treasures appear in these triggers.

Spirit (Self-Acceptance, Trust, Gratitude, Unconditional Love & Service)

  • Really embody The Golden Rule and learn unconditional love.
  • Find compassion and forgiveness for Self and others.
  • Raise your frequency to see from a higher perspective.
  • Live on the vibration of gratitude.

Let’s make your present world, your beautiful destination…
Anchor & Bloom.